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  • Higher Education

    To cultivate a hunger and thirst for knowledge and lifelong learning that extends personal boundaries. To challenge ourselves to extend our thinking; to further apply our knowledge through the attainment of postsecondary certifications, degrees, and professional credentials.

  • Integrity

    To do the right thing to elevate ourselves, the standards, the people we are called to work with.

  • Servant Leadership

    To ensure the people and places around us are better because of our participation and contributions to our communities; to show HEART in every good work we participate in.

  • Excellence

    To give our very best to everything we do; to strive to get better in every assignment and task given to us.

  • Accountability

    To allow our choices, dreams, and actions to be shared and sometimes sharpened by others.

  • United Way
  • Youth Build
  • NA Society
  • GA CPR
  • CCG
  • CAP
  • ARC
  • ACY
  • AS
  • ICA
  • CSU
  • H4H
  • ATC
  • CFC
  • CSA
  • CE