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At The Bridge Academy, our goals are to expose each student to the best opportunities—both academic and professional; to consistently engage students in higher learning; and to ignite passion and drive. If you would like to apply:

  1. Call to schedule an appointment for the next information session.
  2. Prepare to take an assessment.
  3. Prepare for an interview.
  4. Expect a call concerning your enrollment status.

We adhere to a rigorous student selection process that may include standardized testing, motivational assessments, interviews, essays, and personal and professional recommendations. If you are interested in our programs,please call us at 770-961-5421 or email us at to register for an information session. Please bring completed enrollment forms from the links below to your scheduled information session:

Programs Offered

The Bridge Academy offers programs that support the students’ academic and professional career.

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Any Gift Makes a Difference

Our work is not solely about academic preparation, but helping students develop life skills, creating of enriching experiences, and cultivating learning wherever it may occur.

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